Institute of Immunity and Transplantation


Benny Chain

Professor of Cell & Molecular Biology

Research area

Computational immunology.

Research programme

Research summary

I have worked for many years on the biology of the antigen presenting cell, especially on the mechanisms of antigen processing in dendritic cells. More recently I have become interested in developing mathematical, statistical and computational tools which will help us to integrate and make sense of the huge amounts of data generated by the functional genomics revolution.

My research group is now concentrating on using high throughput sequencing to study the regulation of T and B cell receptor repertoire diversity.  We focus on the immune response to cancer, and to major pathogens including HIV and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

The research's major aim is to understand the fundamental rules which regulate the protective immune response. But the research questions are shaped by an awareness of current clinical priorities and challenges, articulated through close links with UCL Hospitals, and the Institute for Immunity and Transplantation.


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