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Study abroad

The Study Abroad programme enables junior (third) year and senior (fourth) year undergraduate students from non-EU universities to study modules at IGH and UCL for one semester or for one academic year, as part of their degree programme.  Study Abroad students remain registered as degree students of their home institution and receive their degree from their home institution, but in all other respects can enjoy one year’s teaching at IGH/UCL as a fully integrated ‘affiliate’ student at UCL. 

UCL has for more than 40 years welcomed students from colleges and universities overseas who wish to gain credit for courses taken at UCL in order to graduate from their own home universities. Primarily such students come from North America and Japan.

UCL currently admits over 800 study abroad students each year. We hope you enjoy browsing the IGH Undergraduate Teaching website and that you decide to come and study at UCL - one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The course

The course is similar to the Global Health intercalated BSc offered to medical students studying at UCL medical school. Affiliate students are integrated into all the classes and assessments that the regular degree students are taking, but there are two important differences:

  1. Full time Global Health affiliate students will be able to take all optional modules -- Global Maternal and Child Health, Global Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases, and Anthropological Perspectives on Global Health.
  2. Affiliate students will not be able to undertake a Global Health project as part of their course of study. Instead, they will make up a full programme by taking modules from other UCL departments outside IGH.

We can also accommodate affiliate students who wish to take a single module option as part of their degree in another department. This is subject to availability. If you are interested in a place on one of these modules, please contact Jackie Coster for more information. Note: please do not register for these modules on PORTICO unless/until you have been agreed a place by IGH.


  • Who can apply?

Students from non-EU universities should apply using the affiliate application form.

The closing date for entry for affiliate students are 31 March for admissions in September and 30 September for admission in January

Applying to study global health at UCL

We receive many applications to study global health from affiliate students. In order to maximise your chances of being offered a place, please explain in your application why you are interested in global health and what is it about the course at UCL that appeals to you.

  • What does it cost to study at UCL?

Tuition costs can vary; there are details in the Study Abroad Guide. You should also budget approximately £900 - £1100 a month to cover your living costs (including housing, food and entertainment).

Visas and accommodation

  • Do I need to apply for a visa to study in the UK?

is the responsibility of students to make sure that they meet UK immigration regulations.Further information on immigration and student visas.

  • Where will I be living?

UCL guarantees accommodation to all students coming for a full academic year. It also normally manages to house students coming just for one semester. Students can choose catered/self-catering; en-suite; single/shared etc. Most housing is within 10 minutes' walk of the College; some is adjacent to the campus; some is a short bus-ride away.

For more information on applying to UCL as an affiliate student, please follow this link: