UCL Human Tissue Biobanks


UCL Cancer Institute

UCL / UCLH Biobank for Studying Health and Disease

Fundamental to the vision of the UCL Cancer Institute as a world class cancer research centre is the availability of a large quantity of high quality biological samples for research purposes. The  UCL / UCLH Biobank for Studying Health and Disease is fully licensed by the Human Tissue Authority and provides access to normal and diseased human tissue samples which are surplus to diagnostic requirement. These samples comprise existing archived clinical pathology collections, in addition to collections which are specifically biobanked from patients who have consented to contribute to the Biobank. These samples are  processed and stored for future use in cancer research projects.

The benefit of using material from consented patients is that the donors have usually also given permission for researchers to have controlled access to their clinical information on an ongoing basis.

The UCL / UCLH Biobank for Studying Health and Disease has:

  • An established model for sample collection, storage and distribution
  • Excellent clinical engagement across all cancer disease types
  • A robust governance framework for tissue and data
  • A proven track record of providing quality samples