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Launch of UK-Latin America Political Philosophy Research Network a great success

21 May 2017

The newly formed UK-Latin America Political Philosophy Research Network was launched with its first event - a workshop on the Philosophy of Progressive Realisation of Social and Economic Human Rights - in Buenos Aires during the 28-30 March 2017.

The workshop was attended by political philosophers from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and the UK. 40 attendees took part in intense workshop sessions focusing on papers addressing various areas of economic and social human rights. The theme of Progressive Realisation and the philosophical problems this poses was set out in the initial session and explored through various lenses throughout the workshop. Contributors discussed human rights realisation in health, education, in relation to crime prevention, the environment, immigration and citizenship, and many other topics. Some papers focused on methodological questions whilst others took up substantive issues.

The atmosphere of the workshop was constructive but critical and all contributors expressed thanks for the comments on papers and ongoing research work that benefitted from this intense and focused exposure. 

In the last session of the workshop, the participants worked together to brainstorm on various questions concerning the future of the Network: the membership of the Network, future projects and ideas, and funding opportunities. This produced a number of excellent ideas and leads for future cooperation, identifying important opportunities for the Network, and small groups are now engaging in collective research projects that will feed into the Network in future.

It was decided that whilst web pages would feature workshop and publication participants of the Network, the membership would be open. An email list will be created to keep people up to date on Network activities and a website is being constructed to host information on participants.

On the third day, a PhD Masterclass seminar was held as part of the capacity-building work of the Network, this focused on conceptual and methodological questions, as well as setting out issues on progressive realisation. The workshop was free, by application, to doctoral students working on human rights. It was attended by 25 participants.

If you are interested in receiving information about the Network or participating in future events, you can contact any of the three project organisers:

For more information, please visit the network pages.