UCL Institute for Human Rights


Workshop on Allen Buchanan’s ‘The Heart of Human Rights’

19 May 2015–03 June 2015, 10:00 am–2:00 pm

The UCL Institute for Human Rights and the UCL Legal Philosophy Forum (ULPF) invite you to:

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The UCL Institute for Human Rights and the UCL Legal Philosophy Forum


Moot Court, Bentham House, UCL Faculty of Laws

A Workshop on Allen Buchanan's 'The Heart of Human Rights'

on Wednesday 3rd June 2015
14.00 - 16.45 pm

About the author and the event

Allen Buchanan is James B. Duke Professor of Philosophy at Duke University, and is a leading philosopher on a broad range of topics in international law, morality, and human rights. He is the author of eleven books and over one hundred-fifty articles. He currently divides his time between Duke University, King’s College London, and the University of Arizona.

The workshop is on Buchanan’s latest book ‘The Heart of Human Rights’ (Oxford University Press, 2013). The book explores international human rights law, the plurality of considerations that may justify international legal human rights, and the legitimacy of the institutions responsible for their creation and development.

Programme and speakers

14.00 pm: Panel 1
Justifying Human Rights: Methodological Issues and the Role of Legal Practice
with Saladin Meckled-Garcia  (UCL School of Public Policy) 
Tom Dannenbaum (UCL School of Public Policy) 
George Letsas  (UCL Laws)
Responses by Allen Buchanan and Q & A

15.15 - 15.30 pm: Tea & Coffee Break

15.30 pm: Panel 2
International Human Rights: Legitimacy, Supremacy and Ethical pluralism
with Jeff King (UCL Laws)
Virginia Mantouvalou  (UCL Laws)
Colm O'Cinneide  (UCL Laws)

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