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Professorial Appraisal Review

The Professorial Appraisal Review process.

New digital appraisal system

We are launching a brand-new online system, MyAppraisal, for appraisals at UCL, an initiative that is part of our Strategic Plan 2022-27. We are taking a phased approach to the rollout of MyAppraisal, with an initial launch to professorial staff (non-clinical academic, research, and teaching professors) from 5 February 2024. The process below is also currently under review and will be updated in the future.

  1. This process applies to Professors (Teaching), Professorial Research Fellows and Professors on academic contracts. Salary progression within the applicable band/grade is subject to individual performance and specifically, the achievement of stretching objectives agreed through the appraisal process.
  2. Appraisals for professors take place annually (via MyAppraisal) and support a two-way discussion to reflect on current performance and plan for future development.
  3. It is the responsibility of individual professors to use MyAppraisal and take ownership of their personal objectives. Heads of Department should ensure that all professorial appraisals are completed on time.
  4. Please refer to the MyAppraisal SharePoint for user guides and FAQs. Information to support an appraisal (such as publications, research grants, and research degree student supervision) can be obtained via the Research Publications Service (RPS).
  5. The appraisal process is important and performance and future career development should be discussed as part of it.
  6. Each year, the performance of professors scheduled to be appraised in the previous period 1 August - 31 July, will be reviewed by the Head of Department and the Dean and rated as either: 
    Group A - those who have demonstrated sustained outstanding performance against a stretching set of objectives. Individuals will be considered for a pay award1, depending on UCL-wide budgetary constraints, in addition to receiving any nationally negotiated cost of living award. 
    Group B - those who meet stretching objectives and expectations. These individuals will receive any nationally negotiated cost of living award. 
    Group C – anyone whose achievements do not meet expectations. These individuals will move to a more regular review cycle and will not receive the next nationally negotiated cost of living award. Consideration should also be given to whether the capability procedure for academic staff should be instigated for any professor who is C rated.
  7. Following the completion of performance ratings, those who are deemed by the Head of Department and the Dean to have exceeded a stretching set of expectations may be considered by the Dean for the award of a lump-sum payment or salary increase to recognise their outstanding contribution during the appraisal review period. HR can provide relevant salary information to Heads of Department and/or Deans to allow consideration of relativities and support the consideration of awards. Any awards will normally be payable from 1 October each year. There is no guarantee that awards will be paid in any year to all or any A-rated professors. This decision will take into account UCL's budgetary and equal pay considerations.
  8. Faculties should send completed lists of performance ratings to Mark Rice in the HR Division m.rice@ucl.ac.uk, including details of any pay awards. This will allow any payments to be actioned.

There is no guarantee that awards will be paid in any year to all or any A-rated professors. This decision will take into account UCL's budgetary and equal pay considerations.