UCL Human Resources


Agencies - Recruiting staff using executive search firms

Guidance on how to recruit new staff using search agencies.


A guide to recruiting staff using UCL’s preferred supplier search agencies.  It explains the process, service level agreements and the relevant documentation. The guidance sets out UCL’s requirements with respect to equality and diversity and longlisted candidates.

Contents include

  • How to recruit staff at UCL using search agencies
  • Preferred supplier list
  • Key terms and service level agreements
  • Choosing a supplier
  • UCL Contract Manager
  • Annexe 1 – Commercial comparisons
  • Annexe 2 – Supplier profiles
  • Annexe 3 – Contract document
  • Annexe 4 – Equal opportunities monitoring form and standardised monitoring form
  • Annexe 5 – Guidance ‘about UCL’ wording for adverts and candidate briefs

Who should read this policy

  • Managers


Last updated: Wednesday, September 27, 2017