UCL Human Resources



In 2000, UCL outsourced the provision of cleaning, catering and security services to specialist providers. This was common practice across many other organisations however, more recently, we have all been concerned that whilst service delivery expertise is invaluable, there are increasing concerns about the terms and conditions that employees of the contractors have. 

Consequently, and further to representations from Unison, the university has examined whether the current model of delivery is inline with our values. 

Council has recently given its approval to the Provost to proceed with a plan to achieve parity of conditions, which will be concluded by 2021. The first step, already confirmed, is to ensure holiday entitlements are equivalent to those at UCL by 1 December 2019. 

Who's involved?


Council, the Provost and our senior management team are heavily involved and committed to negotiating with Unison to ensure complete parity of terms and conditions by 2021.


Unison is one of our recognised unions and we work with them on matters of terms and conditions.

Sodexo and Axis

Our two contractor companies who employ our catering, cleaning and security staff.