UCL Human Resources


University Leaders (previously Future Leaders)

Enhance your personal and organisational leadership capability and deliver successful organisational change; for leaders at grades 9 or 10.

University Leaders is a blended programme of self-directed pre-work, whole cohort sessions, action learning, sub-group work, journaling and individual coaching to build reflective practice and increase capacity to adapt to complex systems and cultures.

 University Leaders Programme has a time commitment of 70 hours, with a mixture of self-paced learning and virtual and face-to-face workshops.

About the programme

  • It is designed to enhance personal and organisational leadership capability through improved self-awareness and adopting effective strategies to drive higher performance from diverse teams and deliver successful organisational change.

  • Enables the application of leadership development through a UCL sponsored business-critical project

  • Provides the platform for delegates to collaborate inclusively across disciplines in service of UCL strategic priorities

Learning outcomes

As a result of undertaking this leadership programme, you will have:

  • A deeper understanding of knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for successful leadership in changing contexts 

  • Shared experiences for building resilience and driving successful change

  • Strengthened reputation/personal brand

  • More significant impact through sponsorship of business-critical projects that deliver impact

  • Increased networks across disciplines and improved collaboration


Leaders at Grade 9 or 10 who have the potential to progress within the next 12-18 months.

How to apply

Applications for 2022/23 are now closed. Applications for 2023/24 will open in Summer 2023.