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Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders: a leadership and development programme for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff at UCL grades 5, 6 & 7

Emerging Leaders is a program that celebrates culture and experience while encouraging leadership potential and inspiring goals. This positive course emphasises diversity and provides tools for progression and increased visibility. It focuses on community and authenticity and helps enhance your skills and those you may still need to possess.

We aim to establish a secure environment to discuss race, culture, leadership, and career growth while recognising the diverse experiences that have shaped us. Our varied knowledge and personal experiences are valuable assets to the workplace. We aim to help you identify and cultivate your leadership style, prepare for career advancement, and engage in co-coaching to achieve new objectives and goals

Throughout the program, we will provide line managers with sessions to assist them in becoming allies, promoting inclusive leadership, and effectively supporting participants. In addition, this is a chance for line managers to understand better the distinct obstacles that staff members from Black, Asian, and other marginalised ethnic backgrounds may encounter.

Emerging Leaders offers a variety of learning experiences, including self-paced learning and face-to-face sessions. You'll also get to practice peer-to-peer coaching and receive personalised coaching from an Emerging Leaders coach.

About the programme 

The Emerging Leaders program is a 7-month commitment focused on developing leadership skills through a supportive peer community. It requires a weekly commitment of c.1-2 hours a week for 40 hours. 

  • Open to all staff in grades 5 to 7 who may not yet be leaders of people
  • Supports a deeper understanding of leadership skills and knowledge, with reflection on personal progression.
  • Particular focus on being a leader from a BAME background and dealing with personal and structural barriers.

Learning outcomes

By completing this leadership program, you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the skills, knowledge, and behaviours necessary to excel as a leader. 
  • Improve your influencing and negotiation abilities
  • Increase your self-awareness about building a personal profile for greater recognition and visibility
  • Join a supportive network of peers who share your career development goals. 
  • Learn techniques and approaches to strengthen team and stakeholder relationships.

How to apply

Applications for 2023-24 are now closed. Applications for our 2024-25 programmes will open in Summer 2024.