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UCL to host global conference on Calling Time on Sexual Misconduct

22 May 2020

UCL is proud to be hosting digital conference 'Calling Time on Sexual Misconduct: best-practice prevention in higher education' between the 16th–19th June.

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The ‘Calling Time on Sexual Misconduct’ conference’, which is believed to be the first of its kind in the world, will feature world-leading experts and speakers in the field of sexual misconduct prevention from countries including Australia and the US.

The conference programme includes presentation best practice prevention programmes, understanding experiences of sexual violence, effective bystander intervention and lasting behavioural change. Speakers come from organisations including Monash University, Universities Australia, 1752 Group, McAllister Ollivarius and Bucknell University. UCL’s own researchers Dr. Paul Chadwick (UCL Centre for Behaviour Change), Dr. Caroline Selai (Institute of Neurology) and Conor Courtney (Laws) will all present at the conference.

The conference is sponsored by Culture Shift, the tech-for-good organisation that has built the Report + Support platform, which empowers universities to proactively tackle bullying or harassment of any kind.

To see the full programme and register your attendance, please visit the conference website. Registration will close on the 8th June.  

This conference follows UCL's other campaigns relating to bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct, including Report + Support, Where do you draw the line? and Full Stop. It also relates to UCL’s work through the Preventing Sexual Misconduct Strategy Group, which was established following the ‘Full Stop’ conference in June 2017. The group is formed of a diverse selection of UCL staff and reviews existing policy, practice, training and support that UCL currently has in place. The work of this group is discussed further on their website.

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact callingtime-conference@ucl.ac.uk. Any questions about UCL’s work can be directed to reportandsupport@ucl.ac.uk