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New bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct policies for consultation

17 September 2019

The Preventing Sexual Misconduct Group is pleased to present two revised UCL policies for staff and student consultation.

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As background, the Preventing Sexual Misconduct Strategy Group was established by the Provost in September 2017, chaired by Professor Becky Francis, with Professor Nigel Titchner-Hooker as deputy. The purpose of this group is to ensure that UCL takes a strategic and proactive approach to addressing sexual misconduct and unacceptable behaviour within our community, and to recommend policies to erase this. The membership of the group reflects a cross-section of student and staff views and experiences across the UCL community. In its work the group seeks to learn from best-practice within the sector and broader society.

Through review and consultation with students and staff it is clear that current policies and procedures are not obvious, transparent or easily accessible. Furthermore, investigations are lengthy and burdensome for all parties involved.

A key priority has been to examine and review existing UCL policy, practice, procedures and structures on investigating and resolving complaints of sexual misconduct.

The group have now developed the following draft policies for consultation:

  • UCL Prevention of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct policy (to replace both the Dignity at Work Statement and student policy)
  • A revised UCL Personal Relationships Code

The all staff and student consultation will run between 16th – 27th September.

The Preventing Sexual Misconduct Strategy group wholeheartedly support the current version of both policies and are committed to ensuring UCL takes appropriate steps to prevent and address unacceptable behaviour and hence provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of our community.

We welcome your comments and look forward to working with you in helping to shape a positive culture across UCL.

The Preventing Sexual Misconduct Strategy Group

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