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Join us to mark World Menopause Day with the launch of the menopause network, plus new UCL guidance

27 September 2019

We'll be marking World Menopause Day on the 18 October with a talk on menopause from Prof Joyce Harper (Institute for Women’s Health), a presentation on the new UCL guidelines and an informal chat at the Menopause Network’s first Menopause Cafe.

UCL Menopause network launch

The HR Policy Team has just published new UCL Menopause Guidance to help raise the profile of this very important issue.

Many individuals face barriers at work as a result of either menopausal symptoms or the attitude of their colleagues. The new guidelines should help employees and managers to discuss any workplace adjustments that might help. UCL wants to ensure that all staff are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. The introduction of these brief guidelines should help everyone to understand what menopause is and be able to discuss it openly.

Peer support is available from the UCL Menopause Network and staff can also obtain advice from Workplace Health. As explained in the new guidelines, those experiencing menopausal symptoms and their managers may find it helpful to use the UCL Agreement of Consistent Treatment to help structure discussions and determine what adjustments may be necessary.

The guidelines will be launched at an event to mark World Menopause Day on 18 October, at 1pm in the Square Lounge at the School of Pharmacy.  The event will include a talk on menopause from Prof Joyce Harper (Institute for Women’s Health), presentation of the new guidelines and an informal chat at the Network’s first Menopause Cafe. To find out more about this event and book please see eventbrite.  

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