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Figuring out how best to welcome new members of staff to UCL

28 September 2018

Have you ever attended the Provost’s Welcome? Hopefully your answer is “yes”, but the reality is that our staff orientation and welcoming event is not reaching all of you.

UCL Portico and quad

The strength of our university comes through the commitment and calibre of our staff across all the different roles, academics, teachers, clinicians, technicians and professional services staff. Each of us play an important part in achieving UCL’s vision as set out in 2034.

We have been running the Provost’s Welcome as our central induction offering, following a similar format for over ten years. It is time for a radical rethink. 

The Organisational Development team have an ambition to offer all new members of staff a perfect start and warm welcome on their very first day at UCL by hosting regular, low number induction events. This vision will take time to achieve. We will start by making incremental steps towards the new model, gathering feedback as we go and evaluating effectiveness using measurements including uptake figures and staff survey scores. The new UCL Welcome will focus on getting the basics sorted (such as issuing ID cards and handing out ISD log in details), building lasting social connections with peers who are starting at the same time, and giving new members of staff a sense of belonging to UCL.

As our first step we will be hosting a UCL Welcome event on October 16th, booking for this event is now open, and we would especially recommend this for members of staff who have joined since June 2018.


Mary Ward Hall

Mary Ward House

5 - 7 Tavistock Place
London, WC1H 9SN



At this event, we will be trying out a new format and will be handing out welcome packs to our new members of staff.

How you can help?

There are three ways that you can help us:

1: Does your department have any promotional swag that you would like new members of staff to receive in their Welcome Pack?

We are creating a welcome canvas bag full of information for new staff joining UCL. Is there anything you would like to give them? Would you like us to use your canvas bags? If yes please send materials for 200 people to OD by 12th October 2018.

2: We are preparing a slide deck for new staff about the services and benefits available to them at UCL.
Please let us know if there any key messages you would like us to share with new starters? Please email ideas to

3: We are looking for a diverse group of friendly and welcoming staff to deliver a session about the full range of benefits and services available to all staff at UCL.
Would you like to help us to welcome new staff? If so, please let send us the names of staff that would be willing to support to
od@ucl.ac.uk. We will be running a briefing session with more information and to select staff for this ambassadorial role in November.