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Academic Careers Framework launched

8 November 2017

UCL has launched a new Academic Careers Framework, which embodies a whole new approach to professional development and career progression within UCL’s academic community

careers framework

The new UCL Academic Careers Framework, published in October, is a collaboration between the Office of the Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs) and UCL Human Resources. It has been developed through wide consultation with academic colleagues across the university. The Framework will support every type of academic career path at UCL. 

Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs), commented:

‘Whether you deliver research and education in equal measure, specialise in public engagement or enterprise or focus on teaching and institutional citizenship, the Framework makes sure that personal impact is measured consistently across UCL.’

Benefits of the new approach include:

  • A single framework for academic promotions at all levels
  • Criteria focused on personal impact across education, research, enterprise and external engagement, and institutional citizenship
  • Education is placed on an equal footing to research for the first time
  • The introduction of the new role of Professorial Teaching Fellow at Grade 10
  • Enabling a mixed portfolio or specialism in education, research or enterprise.

Fiona Ryland, Executive Director of Human Resources, added:

“Valuing our staff is a key enabler of our 2034 strategy, and the Academic Careers Framework is one of the ways that we are delivering this – creating parity of esteem across all academic career paths so that all of our colleagues feel that they have the opportunity to progress. We are championing innovation in the sector, for example by supporting academic entrepreneurship and colleagues who specialise in public engagement.”

The Framework has been published ahead of the 2017-18 Promotions Round. The application process runs from 23 October to 4 December with results confirmed in the summer of 2018. Personal impact will be a key component of any new application for promotion and representative examples are outlined in the Framework. The Framework can also be used in preparing for one-one meetings and staff appraisals and in assessing career development needs and future career trajectories

If you need guidance on applying the Framework please contact your HR Business Partner. 

Read the UCL Academic Careers Framework