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Michele Yeomans

Coaching profile for Michele Yeomans.

Michele Yeomans

I help individuals and businesses get clarity. Clarity on who they are, what is holding them back and in understanding their true and fullest potential. We then work together to embrace, step into and live that full potential.

I help you to create your personal success strategies for business and life, first guiding you back to your true self, then propelling you forward so that you experience and interact with the world in a truly powerful way. This means that not only is your journey accelerated, but you also gain the knowledge and skills to deal with any future issues that arise. I work holistically, practically and systematically which ensures effective results.

Achieving your goals does not necessarily make you fulfilled. Understanding who you are at your core and then designing your life, goals and work around this will. Get the foundations right, and then everything else will fall into place.

I am a business and life strategist, who wears the many hats of entrepreneur, mentor, coach, educator, author and public speaker. I am the founder of 2 companies, Living The True Self and Conscious Business Community, both dedicated to training, coaching and mentoring towards achieving authenticity and flow, in your personal life, career or business. I have and continue to develop my own unique programmes, which is a combination of my professional achievements and personal insights. My innate ability is to quickly assess situations by seeing the bigger picture, identify problems and provide unique solutions that ensure ultimate flow in business and life.

I am a qualified FCCA accountant, but after 30 years I packed it all in. Although I had an aptitude for business and accounts and was very successful at it, I never felt comfortable in that world. I then embarked on a self-discovery journey, connected with my core truth and then retrained as a Master results coach, NLP practitioner and performance consultant along the way.

I conceptualise, design and deliver workshops, and run training and coaching sessions. I also speak at major conferences and has shared stages with Michele Patterson, CEO and organiser of the California's Women’s’ Conference and Dame DC Cordova, CEO of the global organisation, Money and You. I have been interviewed on Voice America, Croydon Radio and Getting Closer To The Truth and featured in Wellbeing Radio and Thrive Global Magazines. I am the co - author of the book ‘Finding Your Truth - How to discover the real you and what you were born to do’.

Coaching Experience

I am a transformational coach and consultant with 9 years’ experience of helping individuals to first understand themselves and then helping them to achieve goals that is alignment with their truth.

Coaching sessions are relaxed and includes a combination of both support and challenge which is needed to move you forward. I help you to identify the power that is within you and how to navigate through obstacles with ease, proposing solutions that are simple but effective. I encourage reflection at every aspect of the journey to ensure that you are always on the right trajectory so that you can course correct if required.

Areas of Expertise

Finding your uniqueness


Seeing your potential


Life in flow

Helping you identify the hidden variables that affect what you do and who you are

Working with key life principles that support your journey

Personal development


Business Development

Public Speaking

Education and Professional Certification

1986 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

2005 Fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

2008 Diploma in Crystal Therapy

2009 Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming

2009 Performance Consultant

2009 Advanced Neurological Re-Patterning

2009 Master Results Coach

2011 Platform Skills intensive (Public Speaking)

2011 Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming

2012 American Board of Hypnotherapy

2016 ILAB Business Incubator Program