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Information for Coaches

We’re driven to make coaching more accessible to the staff who would benefit from it the most, at the same time as developing our home-grown talent as coaches.

Become a UCL coach

In return for 3 hours of pro bono coaching per month, we’re offering refresher coaching training focussing on supporting the pilot cohort, free group coach supervision from an accredited external provider and the chance to be part of a peer coach network. This is also a great opportunity to engage in institutional citizenship, advance race equity, and upskill in a broad range of EDI competencies. 

Opening the programme up to more staff in the future

We’re starting with a small, targeted pilot in January 2021, which will focus provision on Black staff at grades 8 and 9 (and BAME staff selected for the Accelerate to Leadership programme), who want to progress in their careers but don’t currently have access to coaching. 

The outcomes of the pilot will inform what we expect will be the future expansion of the programme. For those interested in being a coach, we’ll be sharing more information in the coming year about how you can apply to the programme as a coach.

Benefits to coaches 

  • Being a coach on the programme is a rewarding and satisfying experience that has many personal and professional benefits, including:

  • Being a catalyst to permanent lasting positive transformation at UCL

  • Sharing the coachees sense of accomplishment and success.

  • The opportunity to accelerate your own personal and professional development

  • Expanding your professional network and being part of a burgeoning coaching community

  • Developing your confidence and self-awareness.

Requirements of coaches

We are recruiting on an ongoing basis for coaches. The requirement to be an internal coach is to have a coaching qualification alongside 50 hours + coaching experience. If you do not have a qualification, we ask for a minimum of 80 hours of coaching experience.

What is required? 3 meetings with your assigned coachees time commitment is a maximum of 10.5 hours annually.

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