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Information for Coachees

Benefits and outcomes for coachees. Why invest your time in the programme?

Applications are now open until March 31st

(Open to black staff grades 8 and 9 and participants of the Accelerate to Leadership programme)

As a coachee you will receive:

  1.  Access to 9 hours of pro bono coaching over 12 months, in the shape of 6 x 90-minute sessions. Executive Coaching is highly sought after and often proven as an effective tool for leadership progression.
  2. We will match you with a UCL internal coach, based on the areas for development that you have identified and their experience.
  3. Through coaching, you will develop greater self-awareness and be empowered and enabled to find solutions to the challenges you're facing in your career development.

Requirements of coachees 

If you can commit to the following - with your line manager’s support - we would highly encourage you to apply here Coaching Culture programme (coachee application)

  1. Attend a 60 minute anonymous call on the challenges of navigating race in the workplace. Date: April 19th 15.45-17.00
  2. Attend a 3,5 hours session on Community building and coaching skills training. Date: April 26th .13.30 -17.00
  3. Attend an average of 1 x 90-minute coaching session every other month for a minimum of 12 months.   
  4. Be part of the Coach at UCL community and take part in other programme-related activities such as briefing sessions or review events. 
  5. Submit feedback throughout the programme to help OD monitor progress, celebrate successes, and make any improvements. 

See the Expectations of Coachees document below for more information.