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UCL Together is a new initiative developed by Human Resources and Information Services in response to the recognised impact of COVID-19 on UCL staff workloads. The aim of UCL Together is to help provide support to departments with high workloads by connecting them with staff who are willing and able to volunteer their time.

The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting all of our working lives in a multitude of different ways. This may include:

  • not being able to work, or having reduced working hours, due to childcare/caring responsibilities
  • not being able to work due to ill health
  • having a reduced workload due to changing priorities or remote working
  • having an increased workload due changing priorities, remote working or reduced headcount within teams

To try to address some of these challenges, the Recruitment team and the Digital Services Enablement Project Team (part of the TOPS programme) have come together to develop UCL Together. 

UCL Together will connect teams requiring additional support to manage high volumes of business critical activities with staff who are able to volunteer their time and transferable skills.

Together we can make a difference.

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