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Completing your Application for Redeployment

UCL takes its responsibilities in supporting redeployment seriously. Employees at risk of redundancy, or who otherwise meet the criteria in UCL's Redeployment policy, have the opportunity to be considered for suitable alternative employment / alternative employment ahead of other candidates. To ensure that the Recruiting Manager is sufficiently informed to potentially match you to a vacancy it is therefore vital that you complete the application form as fully and accurately as possible. Do not assume that because you already work for UCL managers will understand the work you do or how you do it. The following advice is designed to help you gain the best opportunity for a good match. 

If you are having difficulties applying online, please contact your HR Officer in HR Consultancy Services.

Step 1

Register on the website. Set up your Job alerts denoting occupational type and grade/salary range you are eligible to be considered for. Redeployment will be constrained to either posts at the same or a lower grade. This procedure is not a route to career progression as this would give redeployees unfair access to vacancies before they are advertised. Part time staff are entitled to apply for full time posts and vice versa.

Alternatively click on the 'vacancy search engine' to identify suitable positions.

Step 2

For any post you are interested in click on the 'job description and person specification' link at the bottom of the advert for more information. To express an interest in a post click on the 'apply now' button.

Step 3

You now need to complete the application form, which is divided into the following sections:

  • Personal Details
  • Present Employment
  • Statement in Support of Your Application
  • Reference

Supporting Statement section

This section is broken down into the following two areas.

  • Employment History Details

In this area you will need to provide details of your employment history including a brief description of duties and responsibilities. There is a limit of 2500 words.

  • Identifying specific transferable skills/experience

In this section, you will need to state how you meet the essential requirements for the job, or have the ability to meet these with some support. Read the person specification carefully and relate your skills, abilities, knowledge and experience to each of the criteria as fully as possible.  Take into consideration paid or unpaid work you have done in the past and any work you are doing now. Recruiting Managers can only consider what you have stated in your application. We cannot make assumptions.

There is a limit of 2500 words.  You will not be able to exceed this limit, therefore please ensure your statement is concise. You may find it useful to type your statement onto a word document first and then copy and paste it into this section.

Step 4

You can save your application and sign out anytime you like and come back at any point before the closing date. However, please ensure you always tick the 'Save & Proceed' button located at the end of each section. When all sections are completed, you can submit your application. You'll get an email confirming that we've received it.

Managers Guidance for Considering Applications from Redeployees

Recruiting managers are required to consider all redeployees that have submitted an application as a potential suitable match, against the person specification for the vacancy, in order to decide who to interview, prior to considering any other potential candidates.

Redeployees must  be assessed for their appointability against the essential criteria for a role in the person specification, with clear notes taken as to why a redeployee does  or does not meet the criteria. Only if multiple redeployees are in contention for the post may desirable criteria be considered.

Recruiting managers will consider transferable skills along with any other documentation requested in order to assess the redeployee's ability to carry out the role. Exceptionally, there may be skills that the redeployee does not possess but could be reasonably attained in the trial period and this must be taken into account when considering selection.

Recruiting managers must provide written feedback to all redeployee applicants not invited for interview. The redeployee may query, via HR Consultancy, any posts they are not invited to be interviewed for stating why they believe they do meet the essential criteria.

HR Policy and Planning
November 2014