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Annual Leave

All staff

  1. The leave year runs from 1 October until 30 September. Annual leave for full-time staff will be subject to an entitlement of twenty-seven days1, additional to such days as UCL is customarily closed and to statutory holidays. These entitlements are pro-rata for part-time staff. 
  2. Leave will be taken at such times as may be arranged in consultation with the Head of Department or person deputised by him/her. No payment will be made in lieu of leave not taken except in respect of the year of termination of employment. 
  3. Leave may not be carried forward to the next leave year without the prior agreement of the Head of Department. If agreed, a maximum of five days can normally be carried forward other than in exceptional circumstances (see 12).
  4. Public and Statutory Holidays - Eight days (i.e. New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day, Spring Bank Holiday, Late Summer Bank Holiday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day)
  5. UCL Closure Days - Six days (See Term Dates)
  6. The proportion of annual leave to be granted for service of less than twelve months during an employee's first and last leave years will be as follows:
One or more calendar 
months employment
1/12th of 27 days 
for each completed calendar month.
  1. If an employee starts or leaves part way through a month, s/he will receive a proportion of the holiday entitlement for that month - see the part month holiday calculator.

  2. Fractions of half a day or less will be treated as half a day's annual leave and fractions of more than half a day will be treated as one day's annual leave. 
  3. Members of staff whose religious beliefs require them to be absent on particular days of the year outside the normal statutory holidays must take such days either as unpaid leave, as part of their annual entitlement or make the time up by agreement with the Head of Department. See Leave for Domestic and Personal Reasons

Sickness and Annual Leave

  1. Statutory holiday entitlement provided for by the Working Time Regulations 19982 will accrue during paid and/or unpaid long term3 sick leave. Contractual annual leave is not accrued during periods of sickness/absence. 
  2. An employee may take their statutory holiday at the same time as long term sick leave and receive their normal rate of pay. The employee must provide reasonable notice for holiday requests to their manager to ensure pay and leave is processed correctly. 
  3. If an employee does not wish to take holiday entitlement during long term sick leave, the employee is permitted to take this later in the leave year when s/he has returned to work. Where an employee is unable to take holiday entitlement in the respective leave year due to continued sickness, s/he is permitted to carry forward unused statutory holiday to the next leave year.
  4. No payment will be made in lieu of statutory holiday not taken except in the year of termination of employment.

Maternity Leave and Annual Leave

  1. Holiday will accrue during paid and unpaid maternity leave.

    1 UCL introduced the entitlement to 27 days annual leave as a result of implementing the Pay Framework Agreement in May 2006. Specific groups of staff in post at the time had the option to retain their original annual leave and hours of work. Staff who rejected the new terms and conditions on offer as a result of the Pay Framework Agreement have retained their original terms and conditions. Details are available from the Human Resouces Division.

    2 5.6 weeks (28 days) including statutory and bank holidays (from 1 April 2009)

    3Four continuous weeks or more

    Updated March 2010