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Academic writing; a new method that reduces anxiety

The academic writing course is practical-based new 7 step methodology designed to reduce anxiety. Attendees will leave with a detailed outline of their paper.

The Academic Writing workshop is a 7-step strategy I developed as a PhD student years ago and It has helped many students and academics over the years to overcome writers block and build confidence as academic writers. The focus is on argument construction and removing blocks that generate writing apprehension. In a typical 3 hour workshop students or academics are encouraged to bring in the research for a chapter or article. By the end of the workshop students or academic will have a detailed plan (down to the last paragraph) of the structure for their chapter or dissertation with some parts written. There is also a 6 hour version of the workshop and they will leave with an even more detailed plan of their paper.  The workshop also focuses on strategies to enhance style and how to deal with the anxiety around that.   The workshop is very popular and has influenced the pedagogic approach to academic writing of other academics.  I gave a workshop to 70 doctoral students (from all subject areas) at Cardiff University three weeks ago and the feedback was excellent.  They were asked what their confidence was like before the workshop and the answer was 2.3 and they were asked what the confidence level was like after the workshop and they answered 4.7.  The methodology is also the basis of my own research in to writing apprehension.  I am currently writing an article on its impact on university students and its impact as a pedagogic model.  I also include a type of motivational approach to my workshops to inspre confidence in workshop participants and that also has had a very positive response.  All testimonials may be viewed on my website: www.scriptorcube.com

Course content

This session will cover:

  • How to construct an argument
  • Mind-mapping
  • Ordering subtopics
  • Writing an introductio
  • Enhance writing style
  • How to write a literature review
  • Track Back-Editing

Learning outcomes 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Detailed outline of chapter or article down to last paragraph
  • Detailed argument outlined throughout paper
  • introduction
  • some written paragraphs

Intended audience

Postgraduate students at all levels and academics

Researcher Development Framework (RDF) subdomain

This course supports the following RDF subdomains (find out more about the RDF).

  • A1 Knowledge base
  • A2 Cognitive abilities
  •  A3 Creativity