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Establishing a protocol for the analysis of stone tools at Lake Mungo, Australia

27 October 2018

Undertaking meaningful analysis of stone artefacts obtained from open, surface contexts is a challenge in any setting, and particularly so in the context of a large, complex and eroding Pleistocene dune formation.

Geographical Location of Lake Mungo (Tumney, 2018) This study investigates a methodology for identifying surface accumulations on the Lake Mungo lunette from which meaningful data can be obtained. Careful selection of study areas, detailed field mapping, and the use of GIS for data management and distributional analysis are combined to identify types of surface accumulations with different potential for correlation with past environmental conditions. This provides a framework for future analysis of stone artefact technology and thus the investigation of past human behaviour and palaeoenvironmental context at a commensurate scale.

Identifying and characterising different types of stone artefact accumulations on the surface of the Lake Mungo lunette, southwest New South Wales, Australia

Jacqueline Tumney

DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2018.08.007