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A Mousterian hunting place in the Southern Jura (Ain)

12 November 2018

The Chênelaz cavern is currently the first altitude site in the Southern Jura to display a Mousterian style scene dedicated to Hunting Scenes.

Lithic material of the sequence I, Grotte de la Chênelaz (Cartonnet & Combier, 2018) This occupation phase corresponds to an interstadial period of the würm period, which is correlated by a 65,000-year uranium-thorium dating. The sample comes from a piece of stalagmitic floor, including several Mousterian artifacts. The Mousterian does not seem to have any concordance with the features known in the Rhône area, but it is likely to have more similarities with the facies of Alpine Jura area.

A Mousterian hunting place in the Southern Jura (Ain)

Marc Cartonnet, Jean Combier

DOI: 10.1016/j.anthro.2018.10.002