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Palaeoanthropology: Homo sapiens in China 80,000 years ago

30 October 2015

A discovery in southern China of human teeth dated to more than 80,000 years old indicates thatHomo sapiens was present in the region considerably earlier than had previously been suspected.

Original Peking Man Skull Replica

Debate over when our species, Homo sapiens, first dispersed from Africa across southern Asia is hindered by a lack of relevant fossil evidence between the eastern Mediterranean and southeast Asia. Exciting new material is presented in this issue by Liu et al.1 (page 696), who describe a collection of H. sapiens teeth from a cave in southern China's Hunan province. The age and morphology of the teeth suggest that modern humans reached southern China long before they had arrived in northern China or in Europe.

Homo sapiens in China 80,000 years ago

Robin Dennell