Human Evolution @ UCL


The 'Dunbar Number', Evolution and Cognition

27 October 2015

Royal Anthropological Institute.

Friday, 13th November 2015 from 10:00 to 17:00 (GMT), London, UK. Only a few tickets still remaining for what promises to be a superb one day conference chaired by Professor Rob Foley (Cambridge) including:
"Primate social evolution and the anti-social myth" Dr Susanne Shultz (Manchester)
"How Many Homo Heidelbergensis does it take to hunt a lightbulb? Group size, co-operative hunting, and the evolution of modern intelligence." Dr Sam Smith & Dr Simon Underdown (Oxford Brookes)
"Ego-Centred Networks, Community Size and Cohesion: Dunbar's Number and a Mandara Mountains Conundrum" Dr James Wade
"About the curious power of Dialogue" Dr Esther Goody (Cambridge)
"Religion and psychosis: a common evolutionary trajectory?" Dein S (QMUL), Littlewood R. (UCL)
"The Prehistory of the Social Brain" Dr Mat Grove (Liverpool)
"Time: An 'obvious' constraint on the social organisation of primates" Russell Hill (Durham)
"Dunbar's other number: The evolution of primate monogamy" Dr Kit Opie (UCL)
Closing session
Robin Dunbar
Reception: All welcome!