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UCL has one of the one of the largest number of researchers actively involved in human evolution research of any university in the world. However, human evolution research is necessarily cross-disciplinary and these researchers are dispersed across a number of different departments and institutes. Human Evolution @ UCL provides information on these researchers and their various research themes, as well as on human evolution teaching and seminars, and serves as a focal point for the initiation of collaborative research and teaching.


Discover more about a diverse range of experts working in various departments and disciplines at UCL, and the aspects of their research that are relevant to our understanding of Human Evolution.


Human evolutionary studies enjoys contributions from many research areas. Explore some of these research themes, and the research groups that are actively involved.


Collaborative projects and networks relevant to Human Evolution involve bringing researchers  together from a diverse range of departments and other Universities.


Researchers across a range of departments at UCL are involved in various aspects of Human Evolution.


Find out about courses available across a range of departments, that are both directly relevant and peripheral to studies in Human Evolution.


Peer reviewed journal publications authored by our Human Evolution experts.