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Sandra Martelli

Senior Teaching Fellow

Division of Biosciences

  • Tel: 020 7679 3487
  • Ext: 33487
  • s.martelli@ucl.ac.uk
  • Room G18a, Anatomy Building, UCL, London, WC1E 6BT

Human Evolution Interest

My background is in comparative anatomy (humans and primates), biological sciences and human evolution. Recently, I have been investigating how the hominoid vertebral column (and to some extent the sacrum and pelvis) varies throughout evolution in relation to different functional demands (e.g. bipedal gait and arboreal locomotion) as well as to variations within (sexual dimorphism) and between recent and fossil hominoids.

Currently, my interests have shifted to the variation in larynx and vocal tract anatomy (both hard and soft tissues) observed in various recent hominoids (humans and great apes). I am investigating these variations in relation to the presence or absence of speech and language faculties and what this can tell us about speech abilities in relation to anatomical constraints of fossil taxa such as the Neanderthals.

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