Human Evolution @ UCL


The Last 500,000 Years of Human Evolution

26 October 2017, 5:30 pm–8:30 pm

Chris Stringer

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Lecture Theater G6. UCL Institute of Archaeology 31-34 Gordon Square London WC1H OPY

Prof Chris Stringer is a world-leading authority in palaeoanthropology, research leader in human origins at the Natural History Museum and Honorary Professor at the UCL Institute of Archaeology. Since completing his undergraduate degree at UCL, Chris Stringer has helped shaped the study of human origins, both globally, through his development of the groundbreaking Recent African Origin model for modern humans and, closer to home, as Co-Director of the Pathways to Ancient Britain Project (PAB)

In this lecture, the recent evolutionary history of the genus Homo is explored and the origins of our own species Homo sapiens will be discussed in light of recent discoveries form the human fossil record. The status of Homo heidelbergensis, early Neanderthals and their relationship to Anatomically Modern Humans is a complex one, but this lecture will provide not only an introduction to new-comers to human evolution, but also the most up to date thinking on this fast changing subject.