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Workshop on Personal Genetic Testing: Challenges, Pitfalls, and Benefits in and Beyond the Clinic

27 June 2017, 9:45 am–7:30 pm

UCL Department of Anthropology

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UCL Anthropology Department 14 Taviton Street London WC1E 6BT

The rapid growth of the Personal Genetic Testing (PGT) market raises a number of important scientific, ethical, legal and social concerns, including data security, privacy, and identity, as well as issues around the accuracy, utility, and communication of inferences regarding ancestry, biological predispositions, disease vulnerability, and the sharing of personal data with third parties.

At the same time, PGT has great potential value to individuals and healthcare providers. Realizing this potential requires evidence-based standards for translating commercial genetic testing data into actionable medical information, and educating clinicians and the public on what can and cannot be inferred from personal genomes.

Sponsored by the UCL Grand Challenges Initiative, this workshop aims at establishing a highly interdisciplinary, highly engaged UK-based community of researchers and practitioners that are eager to tackle the various challenges associated with personal genetic testing and inform policymakers, clinicians, and companies.