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The Atapuerca Project and Memorandum of Understanding

The Atapuerca Project

The Fundación Atapuerca is a Spanish non-profit private organization created to support paleoanthropological Pre- and Postdoctorial studies undertaken within the Atapuerca Project, as well as to ensure the archaeological excavations at the World Heritage sites of Atapuerca.

Fundación Atapuerca backs the Atapuerca Research Team in its research efforts, and conducts and promotes a wide range of actions focused on transferring to the public the knowledge resulting from research on the findings from the excavations at the Pleistocene sites of Atapuerca and on human evolution in general. 

Memorandum of Understanding

The Fundación Atapuerca (FA) and the Department of Anthropology UCL have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to establish, maintain, and enhance educational and research interaction. In recognition of their common academic and research interests, the FA and UCL will encourage direct contact and co-operation between their staff and students, departments and research programs through the development of joint research activities and through the visit by, and exchange of staff and researchers as well as training of students.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Prof. Susanne Kuechler, Head of the Anthropology Department and Mr. José María Rodríguez Ponga, General Secretary of the Fundación Atapuerca. The coordinators of the activities from the UCL part are Dr. María Martinón-Torres and Christophe Soligo, and Mr. Rodríguez Ponga and Sonia Alonso from the Fundación Atapuerca.