UCL First in Family Network

The First in Family Network was established in August 2020. The purpose of the network is to promote a more welcoming and inclusive environment for students and staff in the History department who are the first in their family to attend university. 

Navigating the transition to higher education can be an alienating, stressful and, for some, a deeply unpleasant experience. Are you finding it difficult to connect with people of a similar background or experiences? Are you doubting your place at UCL? Why is it that others appear to be more confident or just “know what to do”? 

We aim to make this transition easier for all our members. Every First in Family member is a first-generation student and has had different experiences of adjusting to the new and unfamiliar setting of university. Our hope is that by sharing our collective knowledge we can offer you the support to enjoy your experience at UCL to the fullest.

Over the academic year, the network hopes to serve its members in the following ways: 

  • Provide a safe, judgement-free social space for students and staff to meet, chat, network, connect and collaborate;
  • Offer group and one-to-one mentoring opportunities in both a pastoral and academic capacity;
  • Host events given by first generation alumni aimed at sharing experiences, strategies and support; and,
  • To collaborate and provide activities in conjunction with the UCL First-Generation Society.

The network is open to all students and staff: undergraduates, taught postgraduate students, research students, postdoctoral researchers, academic staff, and professional services staff. 

To get in contact with a student member of the network, please email: gemma.swan.19@ucl.ac.uk

Staff contact: s.conway@ucl.ac.uk