Project Team (Niger)

Dr Oumarou Moussa


Dr Oumarou Moussa is a lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Education of the Djibo Hamani University of Tahoua (Niger). With his basic training as a primary and secondary school teacher, he has been a pedagogical inspector for secondary education since 2019. His academic work focuses on the teaching of history, Islam and slavery. This last theme, on which he has been working since 2008, is the subject of his master's and DEA theses, and of the single doctoral thesis defended in 2022 at Abdou Moumouni University. He has participated in international research programmes such as PER-Esclavages and LESLAN (Legacies of Slavery in Niger). In the latter, he coordinated the writing of the Study on Slavery in Niger, published by AKASA, Niamey/Niger. He published an article entitled: "L'esclavage dans la société zarma-soŋay depuis le XIXè siècle: Les raisons d'une persistance", published in the Revue Histoire et Archéologie n°4 of June 2019.  He is currently involved in the AFRAB project where he coordinates the activities of the Niger section.

Dr Alakarbo Hassimou


Dr Alakarbo Hassimou is a Nigerian lecturer and researcher who works on social, political and cultural dynamics in Niger. He has participated in several scholarly meetings on these themes.  He is currently the deputy head of the Department of History and Popular Traditions at the Institut de Recherches en Sciences Humaines (IRSH) at the Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey (Niger). He is also Technical Advisor to the Commission of Social and Cultural Affairs of the National Assembly of Niger. He is a member of the Religions and Societies Laboratory and a member of the team of researchers participating in the AFRAB project in Niger.  Within the framework of the AFRAB project, Dr Alakarbo is studying the role of women in the abolitionist movement in Niger.

Abdoulaye Tchiambou

Abdoulaye Tchiambou

Abdoulaye Tchiambou is a high school teacher and researcher based in Niamey (Niger). His research focuses on slavery issues, and in 2008 he commenced his research in the framework of the PER-Esclavages programme. Abdoulaye defended his master's thesis on slavery issues in 2009 and intends to continue his studies in 2023. He has participated in several scientific meetings on slavery, notably in Aix en Provence in 2008 and in Dakar in 2022. He is currently a researcher with the AFRAB-Niger team. He is working on a comparative analysis of the abolitionist approach of two Nigerien organisations fighting against slavery, namely Timidria and RDM Tanafili.