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The Annual CSLBS Elsa V. Goveia Speaker Series 2023:
“Of Uncertain Rank: The West India Regiments in British Imperial Culture”

Professor David Lambert, University of Warwick.
25 May 2023. Torrington Lecture Theatre, Torrington 1-19, UCL.

Of Uncertain Rank

"Gendering Racial Capitalism: British Women Investors in Transatlantic Slavery."

Dr Lila O'Leary Chambers, University of Cambridge.
3 May 2023. IAS Common Ground, UCL.


Lila O'Leary Chambers

"Brookes (Revisited)."
Professor Elgin Cleckley, University of Virginia.
18 April 2023. National Maritime Museum, GT Lecture Theatre.

Elgin Cleckley

"Talking Black History Walks: A Conversation with Tony Warner."

Tony Warner (Black History Walks) and Professor Matthew J. Smith (CSLBS).
9 March 2023. Black Cultural Archives, Learning Centre.

Tony Warner

"Interleaving Records and Policies to Illuminate the Enslaved Community at Papine, Jamaica, 1817-1832."
Dr Suzanne Francis-Brown, University of the West Indies Museum.
30 November 2022. On Zoom.

Interleaving Records event poster

"Speaking the Unspeakable; Or Providing the Evidence Without Being Censored."
Dr Lissa Paul, Brock University.
10 October 2022. IAS Common Ground, UCL.

Lissa Paul

The Annual CSLBS Elsa V. Goveia Speaker Series 2022:
"The Measure of their Sadness: Slavery and Private Life in the Early Black Atlantic."
Professor Jennifer Morgan, New York University.
Darwin Lecture Theatre, UCL.

Inaugural Lecture:
"A Troubled Freedom: Power and Memories of Slavery."
Professor Matthew J. Smith, UCL CSLBS.
4 March 2022, UCL.