Peter Morgan

With a focus on modern Latin America, I work on the history of political thought on and against empire. My PhD thesis, under the working title ‘Bolívarian Moments: Anti-Imperialism in the Shadow of Empire during the Spanish American Wars of Independence’, concerns the anti-imperialist thinking of revolutionary Spanish America and how it was marked by the contemporary predominance of British imperial power. I also maintain active research interests in the indigenisation and othering of socialism as intellectual techniques, as well as conceptions of space, territory, and global order in the history of political thought more broadly.


Supervisor: Nicola Miller (primary supervisor) and Angus Gowland (secondary supervisor)
Working title: ‘Bolívarian Moments: Anti-Imperialism in the Shadow of Empire during the Spanish American Wars of Independence’
Expected completion date: 2023


Conference Papers

  • ‘Bolívarian Moments: Anti-imperialism in the shadow of empire’, LSE International History Seminar, London School of Economics, 11th March 2020
  • ‘Stretching the Old Continent to the New: Domingo Sarmiento’s use of “Europe” in 1840s Argentina’, The Idea of Europe in Literature, Philosophy and the Arts: History and Current Debate, King’s College London, 5th March 2020
  • 'Liberating a Continent Quietly: The Self-Stifled Global Vision of Simón Bolívar', States, Empires, Global Spaces: Visions of order beyond liberal internationalism, University of Manchester, 8th November 2019
  • ‘Exilic Anglophilia and the hope of intervention. Recasting British exile in the Age of Revolution with the Spanish American Patriots’, Revolutionary cosmopolitanism. Transnational migration and political activism, 1815-1848 (22nd January 2021)
  • ‘Emplacing Marx. José Carlos Mariátegui against the Othering of socialism’, Cambridge Graduate Workshop in Political Thought and Intellectual History (3rd February 2021)