Dr Carl Walsh

Teaching Fellow

Carl is a comparative archaeologist specializing in the eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze Age. His research primarily focuses on archaeological theories of embodiment, particularly in relation to diplomacy and intercultural interactions, palatial architecture, and elite body culture and behaviour. Currently he is working on research regarding the construction and transmission of courtly behaviour between the court societies of the Middle and Late Bronze Ages in the eastern Mediterranean.

In addition Carl is interested in engaging and promoting the archaeology of the Kerma Culture and Nubia within wider theoretical and archaeological discussions of the eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze and Iron Ages. He has participated in fieldwork at the site of Sesibi in Sudan and is a member of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society.

Carl's additional research interests include the archaeology of gesture, ancient gaming culture, modalities of communication between literate and non-literate societies, and more generally, comparative studies in the ancient world.

Qualifications & memberships of professional bodies

University College London
University College London
2008 BA
University of Cambridge
Member of Sudan Archaeological Research Society 

Courses taught

HIST6102 The Near East, 1200-300 BC: Empires and Pastoralists

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