Online timetable

The UCL Online Timetable displays your personal teaching timetable week by week, and lets you find out what is being taught when, where and by whom across UCL. Note - the timetable uses data from PORTICO, but it is a separate system. Timetables are not actually displayed in PORTICO.

There are four types of timetable:

  • Personal timetables for students and teaching staff with a UCL username and password.
  • Department or Subject Area timetables.
  • Degree programme timetables by year of study.
  • Custom timetables that let you choose modules to create a timetable.


  • display a week, term or year
  • click back and forth through weeks or select a week
  • 3 sizes of event display to choose from
  • click on an event to open pop-up box and see all details
  • link to UCL maps route finder by clicking on the room
  • students can display all groups timetabled for their modules, by default only groups they are assigned to are displayed
  • students and lecturers see all their teaching for all departments in one view

Personal timetables for students

Students' timetables display the modules they are registered to attend in PORTICO. Students are automatically registered for compulsory modules so they immediately appear in their timetables. When a student confirms their selections in PORTICO, they will appear in their timetable the next day. If a module selection is rejected or deleted in PORTICO, it will be removed from the student's timetable the following day.

Personal timetables for lecturers

Your personal timetable displays all the teaching where you have been named as the "lecturer" in the timetable. It will not show classes taken by teaching assistants etc. If you wish to see all events for modules you are involved in, use the custom timetable and select the modules you wish to see.

Department or subject area and degree programme timetables

These are quite complex to set up for History because of the range of optional courses, and may not always be complete. It is best to use the personal or custom timetables if possible.

Custom timetable

Custom timetable allows you to select a speculative list of modules from across UCL and display them together in a timetable.

Assignment to tutorial and seminar groups

Group allocations will be uploaded to the system by the admin team as and when the information is available.

Changes to the published timetable

  • Changes made in the timetable appear immediately in personal online timetables.
  • Please check your timetable regularly for room changes etc. and encourage your students to do so too.
  • Please inform the Departmental timetabler, Sarah Jenyon, of any required changes or additions as soon as possible.

Preparation of the timetable

  • Preparation of the timetable begins in January, as soon as the teaching programme has been agreed.
  • Staff will be consulted on preferred teaching times. Every effort will be made to take preferences into account, but this may not always be possible because of clashes and the constraints of the common timetable format.
  • Once the timetable has been completed, changes should only be requested in exceptional circumstances.