Dr Michael Ehis Odijie Accepts Associate Professor Position at Oxford in African History

22 March 2024

UCL History congratulates Dr Michael Ehis Odijie on securing the position of Associate Professor in African History at Oxford's School of Global and Area Studies.

A sepia tone image of a globe showing continent of Africa

Michael has been working on the African Abolitionism: The Rise and Transformations of Anti-Slavery in Africa (AFRAB) project which aims to shed light on when and where African abolitionist movements developed, identify key ideologues, understand how abolitionist ideas spread among various groups, and explore the political struggles these movements ignited. Within this framework, Michael's led research on African abolitionism in Ghana and Nigeria, focusing on the Fante (in Ghana) and Igbo (in Nigeria) societies.

Given Michael's outstanding work as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the AFRAB Project and our Department more generally over the last four years, I am not surprised to see Michael's work appreciated, but I am truly delighted for Michael and for us as a scholarly community - Prof Benedetta Rossi