UCL History's Dr Michael Collins commissioned for ICEC report into racism and sexism in cricket

27 June 2023

The report, co-led by Dr Michael Collins, finds that classism, racism and sexism is widespread and "deep-rooted" in English and Welsh cricket. The report also suggests ways to address these ongoing and historic issues.

Person playing cricket in full cricket gear

Holding Up a Mirror to Cricket is written by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket, a committee established by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), the sport’s official governing body, to assess evidence of inequalities and discrimination, and recommend actions to address these issues.

The commission found a culture in which overt discrimination often goes without serious challenge, and prevailing attitudes of interpersonal racism, sexism and other discriminatory practices are commonplace. The report contains 44 recommendations to make the sport of cricket more inclusive.

The report has recieved widespread media coverage.

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Photo credit to Michael Weir, taken at Boundary Park, Didcot, UK, via Unsplash.