UCL History PhD student José Manuel Castro co-authors “Historia de Chile 1960-2010”

30 January 2020

Congratulations to José Manuel Castro who is one of the authors of the collective work “Historia de Chile 1960-2010”, which was recently published by Universidad San Sebastián.

Jose Manuel Castro

The collection “Historia de Chile 1960-2010” (History of Chile 1960-2010) published by Universidad San Sebastián is a collective work that examines a period of significant transformations in the Chilean history, studying the crisis and breakdown of democracy during “the long 60s” and the establishment of a new political order since the 70s. The recently published volumes 5 and 6 analyse politics, economy, culture, education, religion and international relations during the Salvador Allende’s government, from his rise to power in 1970 until his overthrow in 1973.

José Manuel Castro is one of the co-authors of these books. He is a PhD student at UCL and his current PhD research examines the intellectual foundations of these profound political changes in Chile between 1964 and 1980 when intellectuals and ideologues were committed to different types of revolution.

Historia de Chile 1960 - 2010

Historia de Chile 1960 - 2010 co-authors.