BAFTA TV Award for Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners

8 May 2016

RHS Public History Prize for Broadcasting

The two-part BBC documentary 'Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners', presented by David Olusoga in collaboration with UCL History's Legacies of British Slave-ownership research project, has won a BAFTA TV Award 2016 in the 'specialist factual' category. The programme explored the compensation which the British government paid to slave owners upon the abolition of slavery. 

"Thank you to our partners at University College London whose research was at the heart of this series; they trusted us with their research which is a difficult thing for historians to do." David Olusoga

The award was presented at a ceremony on Sunday 08 May at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Professor Catherine Hall, Principal Investigator of the research project, added:

"We were thrilled that 'Britain's Forgotten Slave-owners' received a BAFTA award. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience making these programmes with the excellent team at the BBC. Over 1.5m people watched them and this meant that we were able to communicate our findings about the ways in which the slavery business permeated the UK to a much wider public than it is normally possible for academic historians to reach." 

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