DeAnn Deluna

DeAnn is interested in political, military, and economic history, especially as it bears on peace research. The thesis that she recently completed concerns the configuration of military power-holding in the early years of the restored monarchy in England. This was up for negotiation through fiscal deliberations in Parliament at the time. An agenda for preserving England as a strong naval state would see a lasting reduction in the discretionary powers of violence held by her ancient military caste. In 2007, DeAnn completed an MA dissertation at the LSE on sovereign borrowing in late seventeenth-century England. She came at this from an unlikely background as a student of the writers Daniel Defoe and Anthony Powell.


Supervisor: Julian Hoppit
Working title: 'War and Peace and English Taxation, 1660-1664'
Completion date: 2018


  • 'Powell on Nicolas Poussin's "A Dance to the Music of Time"', Secret Harmonies 3 (2009): 68-81.
  • 'Powell's Judge Jenkins and Widmerpool', in Proceedings of the 6th Biennial Anthony Powell Conference 2011, ed. Keith Marshall, 2013, pp. 89-99.

Conference papers

  • 'The Monmouth Plot of 1675', IHR Seminar on 'British History in the 17th Century', 2016.


DeAnn has taught undergraduate literature classes in the US, at Johns Hopkins University and the New School.