Freedom of Information

What is the Freedom of Information Act?

The Freedom of Information Act gives the public general rights of access to recorded information held by public authorities. The definition of a 'public authority' is that the authority is in receipt of government funding. As an HEI, UCL is in receipt of government funding and therefore must comply with the Act.

Regulations and guidelines

A request for information under the FOI Act can be made to any of UCL's employees (in their official capacity) from anywhere in the world by letter, fax or email. Individuals making oral requests should be advised to put these in writing to the UCL FOI Officer, who can be contacted at foi@ucl.ac.uk.

From the moment that the request is received there is a time limit of 20 working days for UCL either to provide the information or to respond giving details of why the information is not available. Therefore, if you receive a request for information from a member of the public please refer this immediately to the department's FOI coordinator, Claire Morley (ext 31341).