Course Evaluation Forms

HIST1001 Lecture Core Course

HIST1002 Concepts

HIST 6XXX or HIST 2XXX Lecture Courses

HIST 7XXX Seminar Courses

Special Subject Courses

March 2012:

For those who prefer, multiple hard copy versions will also be available on from the reception desk. If copying your own, please remember to double-side them when reproducing them.

Evaluation forms are to be distributed in the penultimate meeting of each course this term, which gives you a chance to mop up responses from absentees in the following meeting.

At the penultimate meeting, please distribute sufficient copies of the form for each student, designate one student as responsible for collecting the completed forms and provide him/her with an envelope addressed to Britta Schilling. Then you should absent yourself for 5 minutes while the students complete the evaluation forms. On your return despatch the responsible student to transmit the collected forms directly to Britta in the Administrative Office (G.04) or to her pigeonhole in the Reception (G.04A).

The forms will then be collated by Britta and reviewed by the Head of Department before being shared with you for your comment/response. The content of the forms remains confidential between each individual teacher and the Head of Department.