Available History Modules - 2019/20

History Module Availability & Change Requests

This webpage lists the History modules with availablility and will be updated regularly as module approvals take place. Module availability will change frequently so please do keep checking back for updates.

SURVEY MODULES - Available to 1st and 2nd year students only
Survey modules run for the full academic year for full-year students, but are also available to affiliate (student abroad) students studying at UCL in one term only for 15 credits.

  • Bronze Age States in the Ancient Middle East - FULL
  • The Hellenistic World from Alexander to the end of the Attalid Kingdom
  • The History of Political Thought in the West - FULL
  • Empire in Eurasia - FULL
  • History of Russia, 1598-1856
  • History of the Habsburg Monarchy 1700-1918
  • Age of Revolution: European History 1815-1870 - FULL

THEMATIC MODULES - Available to 2nd years and finalists only
Thematic modules run for the full academic year for full-year students but are also available to affiliate (student abroad) students studying at UCL in one term only for 15-credits.

  • Asia, the Aegean, Europe: Dividing the World in Ancient Greece
  • An Economic History of Ancient Greece
  • The Medieval Universe - FULL
  • Sin in the Middle Ages
  • The Dutch Golden Age
  • Crown, Church and Estates in Central Europe  1500-1700
  • India and the Global Economy, 1500-Present - FULL
  • Poland and Lithuania Transformed, 1569-1923
  • Protest and Policing in Britain, c.1714-1958
  • Enlightenments and Revolutions

ADVANCED SEMINARS - Available to 2nd years and finalists only
Though many of the Advanced Seminar modules are running in both terms, many of the groups are now full so it is possible that modules may only have space available in one term, rather than both. Please note the availability in each term below.


  • Voluntary Organisations, NGOs and the British Public (1914-1985) - FULL


  • Gothic: From High Culture to Subculture
  • Intelligent Design? Science, Religion and Material Culture  1500-1830 - TERM 2 SPACES ONLY
  • Religious Tolerance and Intolerance in Early Modern Europe
  • Crime, Policing and Punishment in London, c.1750-1868
  • State, Sovereignty and Liberty: The History of European Political Thought in the Eighteenth Century - FULL
  • The Balkans from Empires to Nation-States - TERM 2 SPACES ONLY
  • Society and Politics in Late Imperial Russia - FULL
  • Gender and Sexuality in Transnational Perspective: 1850-1980 - TERM 2 SPACES ONLY
  • Peasant Wars and Revolution in Twentieth-Century East Central Europe

Non-History affiliate students
The History department also run a 15-credit module which is available to non-History affiliate (study abroad) students only. Students wishing to take this module should add it to their Portico record during module registration. Places on this module will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis:

For any enquiries related to the available History modules, please email history-ug-enquiries@ucl.ac.uk