UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Dr Sima Beeri

Lecturer (Teaching) in Yiddish



Dr Sima Beeri is a native Yiddish speaker and a passionate advocate of Yiddish language, culture and history.  She was born in Kovno, Lithuania and spent her formative years in Israel.

She has an MA Arts, Department of History (Jewish History and Culture) University of Southampton (UK) (1999).  Dissertation topic: “Anglo-Jewish Culture in Anglo-Jewish Newspapers 1920-1930”.

Her PhD (2013) in Modern Jewish History from the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies at University College London (UCL) examined the Yiddish press in the inter war period.  “Language in its Place: Yiddish as seen through the historical prism of Literarishe Bleter 1924-1939”, was researched with the intent to bring to light and make accessible texts in Yiddish language, socio-linguistics, art, education and much more, as seen through the wide scope of Literarishe Bleter (a Yiddish literary journal, published in Warsaw 1924-1939).

She has a keen interest in promoting and preserving the Yiddish cultural heritage through teaching and education and translation.  She is teaching Yiddish (language and culture) at various levels as well as participating at the Ot Azoy Yiddish summer program in London.

Research Interests

Dr Beeri is currently working on Yiddish literary and educational projects in England and abroad and a publication of Jewish Traditional Food.


Literarishe bleter and the Transformation of Yiddish LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2019

‘What the Readers Think: Two Reader Surveys in the Literarishe bleter’, in Three Cities of Yiddish: St Petersburg, Warsaw and Moscow, ed. by Gennady Estraikh and Mikhail Krutikov, Studies In Yiddish, 15 (Cambridge: Legenda, 2017)

'Volkskultur in der anglo-jüdischen Presse (1920-1930)' in Die jüdische Presse im europäischen Kontext, 1686-1990. Hrsg. von Susanne Marten-Finnis und Markus Winkler. Bremen: Edition Lumière, 2006, 235-245