UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Why London?

We all know that London is diverse, vibrant, and a great place to live. But why study here?

We asked some of our academic staff what they love about London and the resources and collections which compliment their various fields of study. 



  • JW3 is the UK’s largest Jewish community and arts centre who offer events, activities, classes, and community engagement
  • The Jewish East End is the historic centre of Jewish immigration to the UK
  • The Jewish Museum in Camden has a dedicated education team
  • In addition to their well-known collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts, the British Museum also has a collection from Modern Egypt
  • The Mosaic Rooms is a non-profit art gallery and bookshop dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary Arab culture in London through art, events, residencies and engagement programs


  • London is home to the UK’s largest Jewish community
  • Northwest London has a large Hebrew-speaking/Israeli community, which is ideal for language practice
  • Stamford Hill, North London is home to one of the world’s larger Yiddish-speaking communities
  • Bevis Marks, founded 1701, is the oldest synagogue in the UK in continuous use