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Internal peer review guidelines

One of the most crucial steps an applicant can take to increase the chances of success for a funding application is to seek internal peer review prior to submission.

We advise you seek advice from both your scientific colleagues, who can provide feedback on the research plan and feasibility, and from our team, who can provide an external perspective and review of general grantsmanship.

Here are some tips about how you can obtain internal peer review on your funding application:


  • Local colleagues or your sponsor/supervisor
  • Your Divisional/Institute Administrator or Manager about local arrangements for peer review
  • LMS Research Facilitators (we can review your case for support + supporting documents, e.g., career development plan)
  • Colleagues (UCL or non-UCL) who knows the funding body particularly well
  • A non-scientist (especially the lay summary)
  • Seek feedback at an early stage to ensure that there is enough time to obtain input and improve your application. 
  • Heed the advice you receive and be prepared for multiple rounds of iteration.
  • Arrange a 'chalk talk' to develop your research aims and objectives, before you even start writing: gather a group of colleagues and sketch out your ideas (e.g. with one slide, or on a whiteboard).