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Research Themes

The new Policy Research Unit in Reproductive Health will provide high-quality research to help policymakers make evidence-based decisions about reproductive health and healthcare.

Priority Research Themes

We have three priority themes across the reproductive lifecourse. Click below to explore the research projects we are conducting under each of these themes.

Cross-cutting Themes

Central to our work will be: 

  • Engaging Experts: Researchers, clinicians and experts by experience that include women, men, and gender-diverse service users working in partnership to shape and deliver the research.  
  • Addressing inequality at every stage: identifying research gaps, designing, conducting and applying research, and sharing findings; 
  • Improving data: maximising the potential of existing data, highlighting data gaps and working to fill them; and 
  • Best models of care: exploring different ways of providing care, including digitally. 

Rapid Response

We will respond rapidly to Department of Health and Social Care requests as well as deliver new research. We have theme co-leads, a network of collaborators from different disciplines, and external advisory groups. 

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The NIHR Policy Research Unit in Reproductive Health is part of the NIHR and hosted by UCL