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Team Coders

Are you a healthcare professional or researcher interested in medical imaging and digital technology?

Would you like to learn Python and improve your programming in an exciting team-based project with support from experts and peers? Then the new Team Coders course is for you.

You will learn some basics about medical image analysis and applying cutting edge data science techniques to model the progression of diseases through a flexible, collaborative problem-solving activity. You will also gain skills for working in a multidisciplinary collaborative team.

Team Coders is a brand-new workshop provided by the UCL Academic Careers Office and the Health and Bioscience IDEAS training programme. All healthcare professionals and researchers are welcome - it will particularly benefit those who want to use medical imaging and data science more in their work.

Dates and Times: Monday 12th June- Friday 23rd June 2023 (two week course). Week breakdown at the bottom of the page. 

Venue: Online

Places: 16 places available

Eligibility: All healthcare professionals and researchers. Priority is given to UCL based applicants. 

Booking Fee: Free of charge during the pilot phase only, as we’re launching this new scheme.

Coding language: The workshop uses the computing language Python and a freely available platform that creates interactive coding documents called Jupyter notebooks.

Requirements and notes:

  • Basic experience with programming languages. Python is preferable, but R, C++, or an equivalent is also acceptable. 
  • A computer (laptop or desktop) that they can handle video conferencing as well as installing and running Anaconda
  • Submit an application for ADNI data access (and ideally have it approved before the lecture)
  • A account on GitHub with git installed on your computer.

Please note that signing up via Eventbrite does not guarentee entry onto the course. Applicants will be sent a follow-up survey to confirm that they meet the requirements for the course. Applicants must meet those requirements to be allowed onto the course.

Sign up for the course here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/team-coders-workshop-tickets-559513288307

Week 1- Introduction and Data Wrangling
  • Monday (3 hours): Introductions, Overview of the workshop, Overview of image biomarkers in AD,and the event-based model. Then a walkthrough of the first task, with a Q/A and a break.
  • Tuesday through Thursday (estimated 4-8 hours total): Teams work through the data wrangling notebook. Facilitators available via chat or videoconference as needed.
  • Friday (1-2 hours): Teams present their progress on the data wrangling notebook.
Week 2- Event based model
  • Monday (1-2 hours): Walkthrough the second task (Event Based Model).
  • Tuesday through Thursday (estimated 4-8 hours total): Team work through the event based model notebook. Facilitators available via chat or videoconference as needed.
  • Friday (1-2 hours): Teams present their progress and findings and wrap-up.